IMPORTANT - please make sure to use our built in Intercom chat support to ask for help with any errors, issues or otherwise before you downgrade or cancel! (Just click the round green icon in the bottom lower right of any Cryptosheets screen)

👉 If there's anything we can do to help resolve an issue you've had please don't hesitate to let us know we're always happy to help!

To cancel your paid subscription and/or downgrade your subscription tier:

  1. Go to your Settings section

  2. Click on Billing

  3. Select the 1,000 option from the drop down menu (which is the FREE FOREVER subscription)

  4. Press the Change button

  5. That's it!

To remove the Excel add-in, all you need to do is:

  1. Select the Insert menu

  2. Click My add ins

  3. Click on 3x little dots upper right hand of Cryptosheets icon

  4. Click remove

  5. (OR) Follow this detailed Help Center Tutorial Article

👉 TIP Consider Trying Cryptosheets for Google Sheets!

Consider Trying Cryptosheets for Google Sheets!

To remove the Google Sheets add-in, all you need to do is:

  1. Add-ons menu

  2. Mange add-ons

  3. Click the dots in the upper right hand of the Cryptosheets add-on to expand the menu

  4. Select Uninstall

  5. That's it!

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