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Contains announcements about platform features & updates

Cryptosheets concepts

Become a Cryptosheets expert. Get answers about what it can do for you and understand how it works.


Follow along with our many cryptocurrency and spreadsheet tutorials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? See if we already answered it in this section.


Look up different categories of metadata that is included within the Cryptosheets platform.

Get Started

Important resources to help you get started with CryptoSheets

Custom Functions

Learn how to use Cryptosheets custom function formulas to query and build custom datasets from any source


Browse for documentation, examples and tutorials for every endpoint offered by every provider available on the Cryptosheets platform.

Scenario Clusters
Workspace Dashboards

Learn how to use and configure widget panels to create dynamic, customizable workspace dashboards

Cryptosheets for Mac OSX and Excel Online

Learn how to install and use Cryptosheets for Mac or Excel online (yes > it works on both very well these days ;)


Discover data, analytics and content available from ParadigmAPI integrated natively through Cryptosheets


No more file downloads, use one click templates to instantly populate worksheets, create dashboards, learn custom functions and more.


How to use Cryptosheets in Google including availability and compatibility of specific platform features


Learn how to activate and setup your provider integrations and API keys