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Refresh your Cryptosheets Add-in
Refresh your Cryptosheets Add-in

How to quickly refresh your add-in from the Excel or Google Sheets menus

Written by Chris Ware
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Refreshing your Cryptosheets Add-in is different for Excel vs Google Sheets and options are more limited in the Google Sheets version. See steps for each below


You can easily refresh your Cryptosheets add-in which will clear your cache, update new features and platform upgrades and make sure you have the latest, stable version running.

👉 It is often one of the most successful troubleshooting tips we use for a variety of common issues

Quick Steps

  1. Click > Insert menu 

  2. Click > My add-ins 

  3. Click > refresh  (upper right corner)

  4. Click > Cryptosheets  (so it's highlighted)

  5. Click > Add  (lower right corner)

Google Sheets

Google Sheets refresh options are more limited for a few reasons:

  • Because it's web based it's contingent on multiple variables across your current browser type, build, options, add blockers etc.

  • Google also aggressively caches almost everything to optimize web browsing experience and speed

  • Authentication credentials can get stale and/or automatically voided if / when you're switching between different user profiles, Gmail accounts etc

Try these steps to refresh a stuck or hung Google Sheets add-in

  1. Hard refresh with your F5 / equivalent key

  2. Clear your browser cache manually

  3. Try loading the side panel from the drop down menu

  4. Try loading the templates gallery from the drop down menu

  5. Loading Cryptosheets in a Google chrome incognito window

  6. Un/Reinstalling the add-on quickly from the Google Store (inside manage add-ons menu)

  7. Make sure your Google chrome or browser is up to date to the latest version

  8. Log out then log back in and enter the formula =CSSTATUS() in a blank sheet in cell A1

  9. *Make sure you're not using a shared sheet

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