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Cryptosheets Docs: Supported Assets, Symbols & Exchanges
Cryptosheets Docs: Supported Assets, Symbols & Exchanges

Quickly find supported assets, instruments, symbols, exchanges and more for Cryptosheets core functions or any provider

Written by Chris Ware
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Cryptosheets provides a unique and globally unified crypto asset symbols & metadata catalog to make it easy for users to quickly find the proper symbol, name or syntax for any given asset or derivative instrument.

👉 Using the =CS.SYMBOLS or =CSSYMBOLS custom function

NOTE: The SYMBOLS function is the only way to access the entire symbol instrument catalog for supported derivatives

👉 Using the SYMBOLS function inside the UniConsole
The UniConsole is a game changer for quickly building, testing and fine tuning formulas including basic reference and lookup formulas

👉 Try the Crypto Symbol Data Finder Template


👉 You can now specify your default pricing source using the PRICEA custom function with support for CoinGecko, CryptoCompare & Messari in addition to the 331+ exchanges or default global VWAP pricing by simply adding the source parameter like this:


Google Sheets:

👉 That means in addition to the 331+ default exchanges you can also get pricing data directly from other exchanges supported by for example CoinGecko which supports over 470+ total exchanges including popular defi, dex and other emerging exchanges/platforms

👉 You can easily find their symbol asset naming conventions by using either

  1. The unified global SYMBOLS function and specifying the provider as the exchange


    Google Sheets: =CSSYMBOLS("symbol","cat","exchange","coingecko","_limit","100")

  2. Use the QUERYA function for the given provider to call their native supported coins list endpoints

    =CS.QUERYA("CoinGecko","Coins List")

    Google Sheets:
    =CSQUERYA("CoinGecko","Coins List")

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