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How to Add & Activate your Amberdata API key in Cryptosheets
How to Add & Activate your Amberdata API key in Cryptosheets

Update your Cryptosheets Integration settings with your Amberdata API key to seamlessly access all of your API endpoints & data

Written by Chris Ware
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Adding your Amberdata API Key to Cryptosheets in 30 seconds

Amberdata - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

Follow these quick steps to enable full access to all of your Amberdata API data from inside Cryptosheets in Excel or Googlesheets.

Adding your API key:

  1. Get your Amberdata API key from your account page on the Amberdata API website

  2. Login to your Cryptosheets account

  3. Go to the settings section

  4. Select All Integrations

  5. Click the green "Activate" button on the Amberdata integration

  6. Follow the steps to enter your required credentials (see pictures below) including your x-api-key

Test an Amberdata API Endpoint to Verify

  1. From Cryptosheets select an Amberdata endpoint

  2. Remember - now you don't have to ever change the API key field again! (just leave it as the dummy placeholder "Your x-api-key" and your newly activated personal api key will pass through)

  3. Press Make Request OR enter a custom function
    =CS.QUERYA("Amberdata","Futures Funding Rates Latest","x-api-key","Your x-api-key","instrument","XBTUSD")

    Google Sheets
    =CSQUERYA("Amberdata","Futures Funding Rates Latest","x-api-key","Your x-api-key","instrument","XBTUSD")

  4. Verify you see the data returned

  5. Test other endpoints that are specifically permissioned to your API subscription key level(s) according to Amberdata

Explore Amberdata Tutorials & Help Docs

  1. Select Amberdata from the left menu (under providers)

Use quick access support resources:

  1. Cryptosheets Docs portal dedicated endpoint page

  2. Provider's native API docs page

  3. YouTube example & tutorial link

Click the provider support link to launch the Amberdata API docs page for additional support

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