How to use =CS.PRICE or =CSPRICE in Cryptosheets for Excel of Googlesheets

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In its simplest form, the PRICE function says

=CS.PRICE(what base asset, what quoted asset, at what date or time, from what exchange, which type of price)



Use Case Scenarios

When you need to quickly pull in the latest price for specific assets pairs or the historical price at specific times

PRICE - Syntax

Function arguments

Arguments: =CS.PRICE("base","quote","time", "exchange", "returnValue")

Example Values: =CS.PRICE("BTC","USD","1/1/2020","COINBASE","BID")





Function argument descriptions

  • base: The cryptocurrency symbol of interest. [string] required

  • quote: Cryptocurrency symbol to convert into [string] required

  • time: Time at which exchange rate is calculated. (Optional, if not supplied then current rate is returned) [string] optional

  • exchange: Exchange to retrieve rate from. (Optional, if not supplied then current vwap rate is returned) [string] optional

  • returnValue: Return value of rate. (Optional, when is exchange is specified. If not supplied, the mid price is returned. Possible values include mid, ask, bid.) [string] optional

PARAMETERS - Absolute vs. Relative

Absolute Parameter Values

Formulas using absolute values for arguments with multiple parameters must be referenced inside an array using {"curly_brackets"} and will look like this:

Excel =CS.PRICE("BTC","USD","1/1/2020")
Googlesheets =CSPRICE("BTC","USD","1/1/2020")

Relative Parameter Values

Formulas using referenced values for arguments with multiple parameters must be referenced inside an array using a defined range and will look like this (*Note - {"curly_brackets"} are NOT required when using referenced values):

Excel =CS.PRICE("A1","A2","A3")
Googlesheets =CSPRICE("A1","A2","A3")


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PRICE - Examples

TIP: Try copying + pasting the example formulas directly into your worksheet

Example 1:

Excel =CS.PRICE("BTC","USD")
Googlesheets =CSPRICE("BTC","USD")

Example 2:

Excel =CS.PRICE("ETH","USD","2019-01-01")
Googlesheets =CSPRICE("ETH","USD","2019-01-01")

Example 3:

Excel =CS.PRICE("BTC","USD","2011-01-01")
Googlesheets =CSPRICE("BTC","USD","2011-01-01")

Example 4:

Excel =CS.PRICE("BTC","USD","2011-01-01","COINBASE","BID")
Googlsheets =CSPRICE("BTC","USD","2011-01-01","COINBASE","BID")

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