Any custom function, data set or endpoint accessible in Cryptosheets can easily and automatically be refreshed or updated at any custom interval in Excel or Googlesheets* using one single formula. The formulas are slightly different in Excel vs Googlesheets and there are limitations in Googlesheets, there are none in Excel.

Automatic refresh is available to paid subscriptions (hobbyist and up*)

This article covers:

  1. How Does It Work?
  2. Example Use Cases
  3. How to Upgrade Your Subscription
  4. FAQ & Troubleshooting



  1. Type =CS.TIME(# of seconds)  into any cell (ie $A$1)
    Example  =CS.TIME(3600)
    👉 3600 seconds / 60 = 60 minutes = 1 hour
  2. Using any Cryptosheets custom function, add a reference to the cell with =CS.TIME in it as the time  parameter or at the very end of the formula if there isn't a time  parameter
    Syntax =CSPRICE("base","quote","time","exchange","returnType")
    Example 2 =CS.PRICE("BTC","USD",CS.TIME(3600))
  3. Every time the =CS.TIME  function updates, any/all functions that reference it will automatically refresh!


  1. In any cell (ie $A$1) type =GOOGLEFINANCE("CURRENCY:USDEUR")  which will automatically update (about every 2 minutes)
  2. Using any Cryptosheets custom function, add a reference to that cell at the very end of the formula for the global refresh  argument
    Syntax =CSPRICE("base","quote","time","exchange","returnType","refresh")
    Example  =CSPRICE("BTC","USD",,,$A$1)
  3. Everytime the GoogleFinance cell updates 👉 so will your Cryptosheets data! That's it!

Just be aware of your Cryptosheets account subscription limits Google's quotas and limits as your data will stop refreshing if you run too many requests


So many here can only cover a few

  • trading
  • arbitrage
  • recurring charts, reports/


  • Very easy and can be done anytime from within the Cryptosheets add-on side panel or from the website
  • See this article for detailed explanation


  1. CS.TIME might well be the single most powerful tool for Excel I've ever seen. It's a genuine game changer and will improve your quality of life by saving you time, stress and mistakes (#AWESOME)
  2. Using automatic refresh features can and will significantly increase your quota usage
  3. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to monitor your usage and we will not reset quotas for lower tier accounts that use =CS.TIME() and use up their quota accidentally
  4. You can access your current quota usage in real time ANYtime using the billing section in your your settings (Help Center tutorial: See your subscription usage in real time)




  1. Check your syntax for =CS.TIME() carefully, different functions for the same data may have slightly different required syntax
  2. Check the required arguments for =CS.TIME() vs the optional arguments
  3. Check your data & API quotas and limits
  4. Check your formulas carefully
  5. Check your local computer & Excel settings for default date, time, geography, format
  6. Use Excel's error checking tools
  7. Check Excel's help sections: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/function-arguments-65b29fb5-ec7b-4c0b-a54b-a67923571519
  8. Find additional troubleshooting resources and tips here

Other Something else? – Click here for full list of Excel error explanation

See more troubleshooting tips & tricks here

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