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How to add your API key in Cryptosheets
How to add your API key in Cryptosheets

Update your Cryptosheets settings with your API key to instantly access all of your combined exchange accounts & wallets

Written by Chris Ware
Updated over a week ago

Adding your Cointracking API Key to Cryptosheets in 30 seconds

Cointracking supports hundreds of exchanges, wallets, defi platforms, altcoins, blockchain wallets, cold/hardware wallets defunct, bankrupt or no longer operational exchanges (ie Mt.Gox) and more including:

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👉 One of the best & most useful tools that Cointracking supports is a Token Blacklist that allows you to create and maintain custom lists of scam or super annoying worthless airdrop tokens that can massively skew your portfolio

(learn how to use the Token Black List feature here)

Follow these quick steps to enable full access to all of your data from inside Cryptosheets in Excel or Googlesheets.

Adding your API key:

  1. Get your Cointracking API key from your account page on the website (or signup for a free account if you don't already have one)

  2. Login to your Cryptosheets account

  3. Go to the settings section

  4. Select your integrations

  5. Activate your Cointracking integration

  6. Select edit and enter your api key & secret

Test a Cointracking Endpoint to Verify

  1. From Cryptosheets select a Cointracking endpoint

  2. Press Make Request OR enter a custom function =CS.QUERY("Cointracking","Get Balance") from Excel or =CSQUERY("Cointracking","Get Balance") from Googlesheets

  3. Verify you see your holdings

  4. For larger accounts remember there are defaults on results returned but you can easily adjust these to return your entire portfolio

Explore Cointracking Tutorials & Help Docs

  1. Select Cointracking from the left menu (under providers)

Getting all your crypto balances, gains, trades, and historical balances has literally never been easier. Easy formulas, powerful data.

Cryptosheets is free to sign up and start using now. What are you waiting for?

Signing up for Cryptosheets is free --> Get crypto data in 30 seconds or less


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