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The Coolest Googlesheets Trick for Crypto Data You’ve (probably) never seen
The Coolest Googlesheets Trick for Crypto Data You’ve (probably) never seen

Unleash the worlds most powerful analysis engine on your crypto data using Cryptosheets. For free. This is not click bait.

Written by Chris Ware
Updated over a week ago


Problem: If getting crypto data into a spreadsheet cleanly is the hardest part, the next hardest is getting it all to line up so you can chart and analyze it visually. 

Solution: Here's something free and easy you can try using crypto derivatives data (BTC futures) as an example. Should take you a few minutes max.

What is it?

  • Using Googlesheets Explore feature you can rapidly extract insights from datasets loaded through Cryptosheets

  • In a matter of seconds the Google Explore engine will produce charts, statistics, data tables and more 

  • Charts can be instantly added to your sheet or can be used as inspiration for further insights

Who is it for?

  • Anybody. Beginners and intermediate users will likely benefit the most


How do you use it?

  1. Load Cryptosheets

  2. Load your datasets (ideally through custom functions )

  3. Select or highlight the specific data you want to analyze (or select all of it)

  4. Click on the Explore pop out menu in the lower right hand corner

Ask questions about your data or select from the pre-generated insights

Best Part? 

Other than the above, it's probably knowing that Microsoft has rolled something similar that can be used in Excel called "Ideas".

Cryptosheets is free to sign up and start using now. What are you waiting for?

Signing up for Cryptosheets is free --> Get crypto data in 30 seconds or less


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