UPDATE: Query Builder Now Available for Googlesheets!

The query builder is a simple, pre-made template that makes it easy to quickly and automatically load any endpoint including all of its parameters and descriptions.


The Query Builder template is VERY similar with a few nuanced differences

How To Use

  1. Find the Query Builder template from the add-in global search or templates tab in the browse section
  2. Load the template in an existing workbook or create a new workbook
  3. Type a provider and valid endpoint for that provider, the proper parameters will automatically populate in the parameters column

1-a) Search for templates from the global search:

1-b) Search for templates from the browse section:

2-a) Select the Query Builder template:

2-b) Choose how to load the template:
⚠️  *NOTE: Googlehseets users may need to use this link instead 

3-a) Type a provider name and valid endpoint

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