Adding your Paradigm API Key to Cryptosheets

Follow these steps to enable full access to ParadigmAPI data from inside Cryptosheets.

Adding your API key:

  1. Get your ParadigmAPI subscription key

  2. Login to your Cryptosheets account

  3. Go to the settings section

  4. Select API keys

  5. From the drop down menu select Paradigm

  6. Paste your API key and press save

Test a Paradigm Endpoint to Verify

  1. From Cryptosheets select a Paradigm endpoint

  2. Press Make Request

  3. The default free key limit for Paradigm = 5 results

  4. The default user key limit for Paradigm = 100 results

  5. If you don't see 100 results, adjust the limit

  6. If you still don't see more than 5 results contact us directly

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