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Real-time Streaming Crypto Data in Cryptosheets with CS.EXRATE
Real-time Streaming Crypto Data in Cryptosheets with CS.EXRATE

Learn how to use real-time streaming crypto data in your Excel & Google spreadsheets using the Cryptosheets =CS.EXRATE() custom function

Written by Chris Ware
Updated over a week ago


This article demonstrates how to pull real time streaming pricing data for thousands of symbols and asset pairs into any worksheet in seconds using custom functions  and templates.

Above: Multiple symbols quoted in USD vs USDT with calculated outputs


In its simplest form, the CS.EXRATE  function says:
=CS.EXRATE(asset symbol [base ,quote ], interval  you want it to refresh in seconds)


Use =CS.EXRATE() when you need to stream real time or very frequently refreshed data. Common use cases are for traders who need up to the second pricing to monitor their positions or balance their risk.

(*Note: please be conscious of your account and API data quota limits when using streaming custom functions)

Function arguments

  1. Arguments: =CS.EXRATE("base","quote","refresh interval") 

  2. Values: =CS.EXRATE("BTC","USDT","1")  

NOTE: arguments like additional parameters that are wrapped in brackets [like this] are optional, all other arguments should be considered required

Using streaming functions may cause instability in workbooks depending on user's resources and if or when they makes large changes to live cells (ie deletes 50 live price cells at same time) - please exercise caution

Function argument descriptions

  • base:  Identifier of the base symbol, ex. BTC (required)

  • quote:  Identifier of the quote symbol, ex. USDT (required)

  • interval:  Refresh interval defined in seconds, ex. '1' [(optional but required for streaming)]

  • parameters:  List of additional path and query parameters (optional)



Example 1: Bitcoin price quoted in Tether w/ 1 second refresh

Example 2: multiple symbols for quotes in USD vs USDT and calculated outputs

Example 3: multiple dynamic outputs w/ live heatmap chart

Example 4: using a Cryptosheets autoTemplate

Tips & Tricks

  • The utility functions are designed to provide a quick and easy way to check the status of your login, the API and market data connectivity. Use these functions when you're having issues connecting to market data.


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For Microsoft Excel

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