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Templates - Custom Functions
Templates - Custom Functions

Get started by using one click templates to populate worksheets with pre-built custom functions layouts

Written by Chris Ware
Updated over a week ago


Cryptosheets allows users to instantly populate entire worksheet templates without downloading any files, macros or needing to use any scripts. One click templates are an easy way to get started and a powerful learning tool for things like custom functions.

  1. Click on the templates  menu from the Excel ribbon

  2. Choose your template from the list in the side panel

  3. Click on load the template  to load the precanned template into a new sheet


Examples for Cryptosheets core data  and custom functions  are included below. We are constantly adding new templates to the library so please check back frequently.

Tags: templates, custom functions, quick start, formulas, charts, dashboards, spreadsheet, excel, googlesheets

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