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Install, setup and use Cryptosheets on your Mac or iPad

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Excel for Apple/Mac/OSX has come a long way over the last several years. Cryptosheets was designed specifically with Mac and Online users (ie non Windows) in mind. 

In this article we show you how to:

  1. Install and setup Cryptosheets for Mac OSX Excel

  2. Use custom functions to get data

  3. Use the side panel API console to get data

The following features are available for Cryptosheets on Mac OSX:

  • All custom functions like =CS.PRICE(), =CS.OHLCV() and others

  • Fully interactive side panel

  • Fully interactive API consoles

Setup & Install

  1. Install the Cryptosheets add-in from the Microsoft AppSource Store

  2. Make sure you are logged in to your Cryptosheets account

Custom Functions

Cryptosheets Custom functions in Excel for Mac are very similar to PC

  • Excel for Mac actually has a better formula builder side panel interface than the Windows version which can be very helpful

1. In any cell type the following examples 

(make sure you give each example adequate room for the output*)

  • =CS.QUERY("Cryptocompare","v2 histoday",{"fsym","ETH";"tsym","USD";"limit",50}) 

  • =CS.QUERY("Coinapi","exchanges") 

  • =CS.PRICE("BTC","USD")

  • =CS.EXRATE("BTC","USD","1")   *Note: this is a real time streaming function for live prices 

2. If you need help remembering the exact parameters for any function, you can always just type in any cell:

  • =CS.PARAMETERS("Cryptocompare","v2 histoday")

  • =CS.PARAMETERS("Coinapi","exchanges")  

3. Use the Side Panel function builder

  • Excel for Mac actually has the same interactive and customizable side panel user interface including the ability to have multiple Cryptosheets side panels open at the same time

Side Panel API Console

Additional Resources for Mac users:

Find quick help and information about current version, build, license type and insider program status

How to side load Excel add-ins for Mac or iPad:

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