Learning to use the built in help center will improve your efficiency with Cryptosheets, help you quickly find answers and implement solutions.

In the example below we quickly find and read through an article showing how to easily pull Cryptocompare OHLCV data into our spreadsheet

How it works

Access our entire help center library at any time without ever leaving your worksheet


  1. Open the side panel dashboard (or any section) from the top ribbon

  2. In the lower right  click on the green circle chat button 

  3. Use the help center menu to search for topics, issues, articles, examples or see the latest content and updates from us (you can also chat with us live and join our mailing lists to sign up for beta testing access)

  4. Click on the article to open and read

  5. Click on images, videos and animations to open full screen versions for easier viewing

  6. Access additional help resources, documentation and external links at the bottom of each article

  7. Access all the content in our library in a full web browser by visiting the help center directly here

  8. Leave us any feedback you want (at the very bottom)

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