Get started using the CoinGecko API in Cryptosheets in 30 seconds

👉 CoinGecko has special native support for our most popular custom function formula PRICEA which allows users to simply add a source parameter and specify coingecko like in the below examples.

Excel: =CS.PRICEA("base","btc","quote","usd","source","coingecko")

Google Sheets: =CSPRICEA("base","btc","quote","usd","source","coingecko")

👉 You can also access any and all of CoinGecko's Free and Paid PRO/Enterprise API endpoints using the QUERY and QUERYA formulas through their dedicated pages

  1. Functions & Formulas: Copy + Paste Examples for every CoinGecko API endpoint

  2. CoinGecko Live API Console & Query Formula Function Builder: Test live data & build your own custom formulas

  3. Templates: Premade CoinGecko templates

  4. Examples & Tutorials: Cryptosheets CoinGecko YouTube channel

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👉 IMPORTANT NOTICE: CoinGecko is rolling out new multi-tiered API access subscriptions including paid plans for PRO, Premium & Enterprise users - this will change the way you may/need to use CoinGecko API data

👉 Please review their new API pricing page & stay tuned for future updates

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