1. Right-click inside the Cryptosheets side panel and select refresh (or reload)

  2. Go to the Add-ons menu

  3. Select Cryptosheets > Launch Sidebar (this may take a few seconds to appear)

  4. Log in to the Cryptosheets side panel (by clicking log in)

  5. Then in cell A1 of a blank worksheet tab type in =CSSTATUS() and wait for the formula to return your user data
    👉 If the formula returns correctly but the side panel is still loading = you're good to go!

  6. TIP: sometimes the side panel authentication can lag the custom function (aka formula) log in response

  7. If you're still having issues try the above steps again but use a fresh Google Chrome incognito browser window and the F5 key to refresh your browser (instead of right-click refresh)

  8. You can also quickly verify your account & login still work by logging in directly to the web app here: https://app.cryptosheets.com

Learn more about how to use the STATUS function to quickly run diagnostics & check your real time quota usage

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