Cryptosheets Supported Platforms

  • Cryptosheets custom functions (aka formulas) are not supported in Microsoft Excel 2019 or older versions which may result in a #NAME error when you try to type a formula
  • All other Cryptosheets functionality available from the side panel console (including all API data) and ribbon menus are supported

Note that Excel custom functions are available on the following platforms.

  • Office on Windows
  • Office on Mac
  • Office on the web (Excel Online)

Excel custom functions are currently not supported on iPad or in one-time purchase versions of Office 2019 or earlier.

👉 We along with dozens of other add-ins have petitioned Microsoft to change this confusing lack of support and reverse compatibility for custom functions in other recent version of Excel including 2019, we will post any relevant updates if/when Microsoft changes its policies

Please see our full docs portal support page for more detail:

Try Cryptosheets for Google Sheets

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