Follow these steps to update your existing desktop version of Excel to the Office 365 version by downloading the app directly from within your Office 365 account online using the Office portal:

  2. Select Install Office
  3. Select Office 365 Apps
  4. You can test Cryptosheets in the Excel online version while you wait! > Excel > New Workbook > Cryptosheets > Log in > Try =CS.EXRATE("BTC","USD",1)


  • You may already have a 365 license, but also another existing license for an Excel version like 2019 Retail license on your desktop machine
  • These existing/older licenses can/will conflict with the 365 one
  • This can lead to Excel thinking you are a retail user on your desktop but a 365 user in Office/Excel online - instead of a 365 one in both environments

👉 Most Mac users are able to resolve this conflicting Excel version scenario with these tools

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