Using Cryptosheets Scenarios

Cryptosheets scenarios are dynamic combinations of pre-configured queries, transformations and filters accessible with one click. They can be automatically generated and pre configured or manually curated on the spot and shared with anyone.

👉 Scenarios are a gamechanger for the way you access and use crypto data.

With scenarios you can...

  • ✅ Create simple filters for dashboards or screeners

  • ✅ Rapidly access unique combinations of filters & transformations at multiple levels

  • ✅ Rename any column for any data set from any provider

  • ✅ Extract deeply nested data points from JSON arrays

  • ✅ Build complex contingent data functions

  • ✅ Combine scenarios to build dynamic models

  • Save hours looking for the exact right formula or endpoint

  • Get exactly & only* the data you need

🔦 Scenarios can be accessed in two main ways

  1. Using the global search section or browse search section

  2. Searching scenarios by endpoint from the API console query builder

  3. Using the top global search in the docs portal to search through hundreds of dedicated scenario pages

  1. Searching scenarios from the main global & browse search sections

2. Searching scenarios from the API console query builder

3. Searching scenarios from the Docs Portal Top Global Search


Example of multiple scenarios for the same CryptoQuant endpoint

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