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Activating Your Free or Existing Cryptocompare API Key in Cryptosheets
Activating Your Free or Existing Cryptocompare API Key in Cryptosheets

How to setup your free Cryptocompare API key or activate an existing key inside your Cryptosheets account

Written by Chris Ware
Updated over a week ago

Follow these simple steps to activate your free API key or add an existing key to your Cryptosheets profile

Connect your Cryptocompare account in 30 seconds

  1. Install Cryptosheets for Excel or Googlesheets

  2. Make sure you’re logged in

  3. Go to your integrations in the settings tab

  4. Activate the Cryptocompare integration

  5. That’s it!

  6. Test a Cryptocompare endpoint or formula to verify

  7. In any cell in a new sheet type

Excel =CS.QUERY(“Cryptocompare”, “exchanges”)
Googlesheets =CSQUERY(“Cryptocompare”, “exchanges”)

Visit your Cryptocompare account page to upgrade your API subscription with exclusive discounts by signing up through Cryptosheets


👉 This page shows how to use the Cryptosheets API console and custom function formulas to access all of Cryptocompare’s API endpoints & data in Excel & Googlesheets

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