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How to use Cryptosheets Templates in Googlesheets
How to use Cryptosheets Templates in Googlesheets

Learn how to use templates to load premade charts, dashboards, screeners, models and much more

Written by Chris Ware
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*NOTE: Cryptosheets templates are slightly different in Excel & Googlesheets given the limited features and advanced support for Googlesheets


To use Cryptosheets templates in Googlesheets, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Find a template by searching the templates section from the Googlesheets Add-On menu

  2. Load the template by clicking on the blue "Add Template" button

  3. Once you see a new tab appear in your spreadsheets, you can close the templates window

  4. Save the template as your own and modify

  5. Let us know what you build and create!

From the Googlesheets Add-ons menu...

1. Select Templates from the Cryptosheets menu
IMPORTANT: if you do not see the "Templates" option in the drop down menu refresh your browser tab 1-3x until you do

3. Click "Add Template"

4. That's it you're done! ✅ 

*NOTE: You can still search and load templates from:

  1. The templates search page in the browse section from the web, Excel or Googlesheets, next to providers and endpoints 

  2.  From the workspace section by loading a Templates widget panel

TIP: every template that is available in Googlesheets will show a URL in the template profile page

  • You can export a template from Excel as a .xlsx file then import it using the File > Import option in Googlesheets

  • Save it your google drive then it will automatically convert it into a Googlesheet!
    (*you may need to manually fix some of the formulas)

Loading a template from the templates search page:

Loading a Templates widget panel in the workspace:

Helpful Resources:

Visit the templates homepage
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