Cryptosheets makes it easy for anybody to pull a wide variety of crypto data into their Excel or Googlesheets. This tutorial will show you two different ways to do this.

*Before you do, make sure you have registered, installed the add-in & logged in using the Cryptosheets side panel

There are 2 primary ways to do this:

  1. Custom Functions (aka formulas)*
  2. API Console in the Side Panel

👉 Method 1 - Custom Functions


Custom functions are a type of formula you can use in either Excel or Googlesheets. All Cryptosheets custom functions begin with "CS" and can be accessed once you have logged into the side panel.

To get data with a custom function follow these steps...

  1. In any cell type the following:
    Excel: =CS.PRICE("BTC","USD")
    Googlesheets: =CSPRICE("BTC","USD") 
  2. Press enter
  3. That's it!

👉 Method 2 - API Console in the Side Panel


The side panel API console allows you to quickly query data for any provider or endpoint and will send the data directly to your sheet. The below example uses an endpoint from Cryptocompare to pull in historical trading data for Bitcoin (BTC)

To get data using the API console in the side panel follow these steps...

  1. Search for Cryptocompare under the providers tab in the browse section
  2. Find the endpoint called V2 Histoday
  3. Select the endpoint
  4. Press the green button called "make request"
  5. That's it!

The API console looks like this

The console is broken out into 5 major parts:

  1. Description
  2. Request & function builder
  3. Inspector
  4. Parameters & fields
  5. Help Center

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