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How to Troubleshoot Custom Function Authentication Errors
How to Troubleshoot Custom Function Authentication Errors

Authentication tokens are 'cached' which can result in error messages incorrectly displaying and may require some additional refresh steps

Written by Chris Ware
Updated over a week ago


There's a reason nobody has ever done live streaming prices for free in a spreadsheet ūüĎČ it's not* easy but don't worry we can help you. It also requires some additional steps for refreshing formulas and custom functions that have pricing feeds.

NOTE: while =CS.EXRATE in Excel is often the specific function causing problems, it can also happen with any other custom function


"WTF is going on? It was just working yesterday…?"


It has to do with how your authentication credentials are stored or 'cached' locally     We only have so much control over it as Microsoft and Google maintain strict and     complex authentication policies. 

 Steps to take    

  1. Log out then log back in     

  2. Refresh your add-in from  the Excel or Googlesheets menus***     

  3. Check the side panel and web app to see if you're actually  getting data by making a simple request     

  4. If you are, but still  seeing errors in custom functions try these steps:        

  5. Select  the cell with formula, press  F2 then enter     

  6. Adjust your formula so it's using relative cell references     

  7. Then try changing  each cell value (base, quote or refresh)          

  8. Try logging in using an incognito browser window     

  9. Try using the =CS.LOGIN("email","password")  function**     

  10. Open the side panel click anywhere then press the F5  key for a hard refresh    

  11. Pat yourself on the back for getting this far  

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