One of the most powerful features for users and data providers of Cryptosheets is the ability for users to use their own / existing API keys and credentials. The best part is that it only has to be done once and takes a few seconds !

Follow these simple steps to activate your API key or add an existing key to your Cryptosheets profile

Connect any available API provider account in 30 seconds

  1. Install Cryptosheets for Excel or Googlesheets

  2. Make sure you’re logged in

  3. Go to all integrations in the settings tab

  4. Select the available provider integration from the top of the list

  5. Click "activate" to begin the integration dialog

  6. That’s it!

  7. Test an API endpoint or formula from the newly activated provider to verify the secure connection using your API credentials has been activated

Go to All Integrations in the settings tab...

Select the available provider integration from the top of the list (the screenshot shows Cryptocompare as an example provider)...

Follow the dialog prompts to enter in the required API & authentication credentials...

Once you've update your credentials click the "Go to integrations" button...

Confirm your recently activated provider shows 'active' like the screenshot...

Visit the Cryptosheets Docs portal to view dedicated documentation for every single provider including copy + paste formula examples!

Cryptosheets is free to sign up and start using now. What are you waiting for?

Signing up for Cryptosheets is free --> Get crypto data in 30 seconds or less


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