The Scenario Clusters workspace widget panel allows you to load and search across manually and automatically generaged scenarios or clusterss from a flexible panel inside the workspace.

Scenario Clusters are a proprietary and unique data analytics product originally created by ParadigmAPI designed to allow any crypto data set or object to be compared and mashed up against any other crypto or non crypto data.

You can load the Scenario Clusters panel independently or in any custom combination with other widget types.

You can use the Scenario Clusters panel to:

  • Search across pre-made crypto scenarios and taxonomic clusters

  • Discover new possible combinations and mashups of existing data sets

  • Quickly load difficult to configure datasets and data scenario result sets

  • Save your custom workspace dashboard to access later (coming soon)

  • Share your entire custom dashboard via Twitter, link and more (coming soon)

  • Access from anywhere on the web



The following example shows:

  • User searching for scenarios related to "returns"

  • Choosing a scenario cluster about benchmarks with positive return profiles¬†

  • Loading it directly into the worksheet


How to load a workspace widget


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