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Workspace - Explorer (Smart Lookup) Widget

Integrate the Cryptosheets Explorer (Smart Lookup) widget to unlock deeper data insights in real time and create more efficient workflows

Written by Chris Ware
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The Cryptosheets Explorer (Smart Lookup) tool provides real time discovery and insight into your workflows. 

When activated the explorer will search for any data stored in its library against whatever is in the currently selected cell.


  • User moves over cells with names of Crypto metrics in them to quickly find definitions, formulas and sources 

Where would I use it?

  1. Portfolio position management

  2. Trading analysis

  3. Research

  4. Formula reference

  5. Metrics

  6. Terminology

  7. Wallet addresses (coming soon)

  8. Asset profiles

  9. Valuation modeling

  10. Literally anywhere you can think of

How to Use the Explorer

You can access the explorer in several ways:

  1. Clicking on the glossary button  in the resources section of the ribbon

  2. Clicking on it in the side panel left side menu 

  3. Selecting Explorer as a widget from inside your workspace

1. Excel Ribbon

2. Side panel

3. Side panel


  1. Portfolio positions by asset symbol  lookup

  2. Crypto metrics  by name or term lookup

  3. Crypto benchmarks  or indices  including descriptions, details & index methodology

  4. Technical terminology  related to cryptography, trading, API, data analysis and much more

  5. Crypto industry slang (why does everyone keep misspelling the word 'hold' as HODL ?)

  6. Entity,  individual or wallet address  lookup by name

  7. Function help or quick reference for formulas

  8. Other content added all the time...

Additional Resources

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