There are currently several ways to search Cryptosheets

  1. Quick Search
  2. Browse Data
  3. Search the Help Center (from the add-in )
  4. Search the Help Center (from the website )
  5. Use =CS.IDEAS()  custom function
  6. Search CryptoSheets docs (coming soon*)

1. Quick Search

Using quick search by typing the forward slash key (" / ") on your keyboard from anywhere int he side panel is by far the fastest and easiest way to quickly search for providers, endpoints and data sets.

The result returns a combination of both endpoints and providers related to your search term.

*In the near future other items such as help content, tutorials, charts, research and other modules will also appear in this drop down menu.

2. Using Data Browse Search

Use the browse data button or click directly there from the left side menu to access all of the providers, endpoints and datasets Cryptosheets currently offers. 


Here you will also find additional filters for type, category, subtype and more.

3. Searching the Help Center (from the add-in)

The Cryptosheets help center is accessible as a standalone website for anyone to use and also from within the add-in or web app from the help/chat icon in the lower right at anytime

3. Searching the Help Center (from the website)

We are constantly adding new articles, tutorials, features and help documentation so please check back often.  

4. Use =CS.IDEAS()

(coming soon)

5. Search CryptoSheets Docs 

(coming soon)

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