In this tutorial we show you how to pull index performance, and a full breakdown of all coins included in various Bitwise Indices.

Bitwise Ticker

Description: Load Bitwise’s current data by index with the option of daily, automatic refresh. This pull also includes index performance and a break down of the index’s weight constituents.

Data returned:

  • Bitwise 10 Value

  • Time UTC

  • performance 24h

  • performance mtd

  • performance qtd

  • performance ytd

  • Weights (Changes per index. Returns breakdown of coins and percentage)

Example: Return ticker data for the Bitwise 10 Index

How to pull

  1. In the Cryptosheets ribbon, click Dashboard

  2. Login to the service through Google, or sign-up option

  3. Click the orange + button

  4. Click Bitwise Ticker

  5. In the Index dropdown, choose Bitwise 10 Index

  6. Choose refresh interval

  7. Click into A1 of the current tab, click Highlight Range, and Place Data

  8. Verify that data has updated

  9. You also have the option to choose a timed refresh interval.

About Bitwise

Bitwise is a smart and secure way to get diversified exposure to cryptoassets. The Bitwise HOLD 10 Private Index Fund holds the top 10 cryptocurrencies weighted by 5-year diluted market cap and rebalanced monthly. Assets are purchased from multiple liquidity providers, held in 100% cold storage, and audited annually. Taxes are prepared for investors.

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