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How to pull events and calendar data for cryptocurrencies into Excel
How to pull events and calendar data for cryptocurrencies into Excel

Find out what events move the price of a cryptocurrency the most

Written by John Young
Updated over a week ago

In this tutorial we show you how to pull events data for multiple cryptocurrencies utilizing the Coindar API into Excel.

Coindar Events

Description: Returns cryptocurrency events specified by coin

Data Returned:

  • caption — event caption. 

  • source — link to the event description. 

  • proof — proof link. 

  • date_public — event publication date on Coindar. 

All dates are in UTC and yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm format. 

  • date_start — the date of the event start. 

If there is no definiton of time, request will be returned in yyyy-mm-dd format. 

If only month is defined, in yyyy-mm.

If only quarter is defined, in yyyy-QX, where X is a quarter number. 

  • date_end — events end date. 

  • coin_id — cryptocurrency’s ID. 

  • coin_price_changes — the percentage change in value since the event publication. 

  • tags — tags IDs.

How to pull

  1. In the Cryptosheets ribbon, click Dashboard

  2. Login to the service through Google, or sign-up option

  3. Click the orange + button

  4. Click Coindar Events

  5. Choose your cryptocurrency

  6. Choose Start Time (GMT) and End Time (GMT)

  7. Click the Table Headers toggle

  8. Click into A1 of the “Data” tab, click Highlight Range, and Place Data

  9. Verify that data has updated

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