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How to pull Coinmetrics Historical data directly into Excel
How to pull Coinmetrics Historical data directly into Excel

We show you how to get Coinmetrics Historical data to use in Excel modeling with the click of a button.

Written by John Young
Updated over a week ago

In this tutorial we will show you how to pull historical data from the Coinmetrics API into Excel.

Coinmetrics Historical

Description: Blockchain data of a given asset over a specified time range

Data returned:

  • txcount

  • txvolume(usd)

  • adjustedtxvolume(usd)

  • paymentcount

  • activeaddresses

  • fees

  • medianfee

  • generatedcoins

  • averagedifficulty

  • mediantxvalue(usd)

  • blocksize

  • blockcount

  • price(usd)

  • marketcap(usd)

  • exchangevolume(usd)

Example: Return metrics for Bitcoin from August 1st, 2018 to August 21st, 2018.

How to pull

  1. In the Cryptosheets ribbon, click Dashboard

  2. Login to the service through Google, or sign-up option

  3. Click the orange + button

  4. Click Coin Metrics Historical

  5. Choose Start Time (GMT) and End Time (GMT)

  6. Click the Table Headers toggle

  7. Click into A1 of the “Data” tab, click Highlight Range, and Place Data

  8. Verify that data has updated

  9. You also have the option to choose a timed refresh interval.

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